Pre-kindergarten Curriculum

Our prekindergarten curriculum prepares each child for continued education.  In this program, children are actively involved in learning activities that build a strong foundation of kindergarten readiness skills.  Our comprehensive curriculum builds phonemic awareness, promotes sight word identification and facilitates number concepts while integrating fun and exciting theme based learning.  Our well-rounded learning environment creates an atmosphere that supports the development of problem solving skills.

Pre-schooling (Curriculum)

Our preschool curriculum satisfies inquisitive minds by exploring the worlds of science, social studies, math, language, art, and dramatic play.  We use a “Goals Chart” to encourage positive behavior throughout your child’s day.  In preschool, we focus on positive achievements and teaching children how to be in control of their own choices.

Infant Program

​Our infant room is for infants 6 weeks to 12 months old.  In this room your infant will explore their new world through the use of the Bright Baby Program.  This program promotes brain development through positive caregiver child interactions.
Your precious infant will be provided with love and warmth while exploring a world of stimulating age specific activities to develop small and large motor skills, social and emotional skills, and early language skills.  Caregivers provide love and guidance as your infant grows and develops at their own pace.  Infants are highly motivated as they are encouraged to independently explore their surroundings.  Our infants go outside twice a day to enjoy the fresh air and explore the playground.  Age appropriate toys, music, books and learning materials are available at all times in this exciting environment.

Toddlers’ Program

Our young toddler room is for children between the ages of 12 months (if walking) and 18 months.
This program will help your child build vocabulary and stimulate verbal communications while developing small and large motor skills.  Teachers offer positive guidance as our toddlers move through each stage of development.
The interactive curriculum allows teachers to spend quality learning time with each children while providing them with the love and care needed for proper development.
Children learn so much at a young age during playtime.
Why not show them the world!

Toddlers’ Room (18-24 months)

Our older toddler classroom is for children that are 3 years away from kindergarten.  Hands on learning activities help your child develop readiness skills.  At this important stage your older toddler will explore the world of dramatic play, creative expression, arts and crafts, music, socialization and many more important skills and concepts, all through the use of play and interactive curriculum activities that will keep them excited about learning.

Pre-schooling (2-3 years)

The transition into Preschool is a big step for your child.  That is why we offer a transition Preschool A classroom where we encourage independence and promote communication skills.  We assist your child in learning the important skills they will need to have a positive school experience.  We advocate problem solving skills by asking questions and assisting your child in finding a solution on their own.
Our preschoolers are surrounded with an environment that builds self esteem and learning while exposing them to basic concepts and skills they will need to be successful in life.  In this classroom, the captivating themes make learning meaningful while providing children with a strong foundation for success.

Our Team

Rabia Godil

Rabia Godil

General Manager

Rabia Salman is an Early Childhood Education Specialist from UK University with many years of experience managing, teaching and cari ...more

Anisoara B.

Anisoara B.

English Teacher

I am a kind, caring and patient person who enjoys working with children. In my 8 years of experience working as an English Teacher ...more

Rand K.

Rand K.

French, Arabic and Islamic studies teacher

I currently teach Arabic, French and Islamic studies to our adorable and lovely kids at Peekaboo nursery. My personal values are cur ...more


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