Welcome to Peekaboo Nursery

  • Our Philosophy

     “The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the period from birth to the age of six… for that is the time when intelligence itself, the child’s greatest implement, is being formed.”
      -Maria Montessori
  • Vision Statement

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  • Mission Statement

    1.Education is an interactive process, centered on the child involving teachers, parents and the environment.
    2.Our Nursery is designed and geared to promote all round development of the child as we believe that human behavior cannot be generalized. Our children are encouraged to pursue their interests and to experience a wide variety of equipment and materials.
    3.We offer a timetable where children are encouraged to use their initiatives, to achieve independence of thought and to take responsibility for their actions.
    4.Our curriculum guides children to explore different areas of knowledge ensuring the development of Language, Mathematics, Science and Arts in order to develop a broad and sound beginning into the world of knowledge.
    5.We maintain close contact with parents and hope to see the involvement of both parents right from the beginning.
    A Nursery establishes a range of skills and knowledge that are essential in assisting children in a smooth transition to Kindergarten.
  • Our Values

    *We have a clear understanding of our values at Peekaboo Nursery:
    *HAPPINESS AND WELLBEING – showing kindness
    *ENGAGEMENT – being involved, responsive, interested and interesting
    *RESPECT – promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity
    *COMMUNICATION – being genuine, open, honest and sincere
    *ACHIEVEMENT – highest quality, high expectations, aiming high
    *INTEGRITY – means doing the right thing, even when no one else is watching
    *PARTNERSHIP AND CARE – being reflective and learning from parents as partners, developing strong nurturing relationships
    *CHALLENGING – testing ourselves and those around us, not accepting the status quo
    *COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – developing skills for learning, life and work
  • Our Aims

    *At Peekaboo, we believe that every day is a learning day and that learning is all around us. As well as being a place of learning, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all children are coming in to a loving, caring environment where they are valued and listened to. We also involve children and parents in trying to continually improve.
    *At Peekaboo Nursery, we aim:
    *to provide a safe, happy, caring, stimulating and secure environment for our children where everyone feels valued, included and respected
    *to engage our children in the highest-quality teaching and learning and to maximize success for all
    *to create a nursery which feels like home and to provide an extended family environment
    *to develop a shared vision for the future of Peekaboo
    *to foster high-quality leadership at all levels
    *to work in partnership with other agencies and our communities to promote the welfare of our children
    *to work together with parents as partners to improve learning and care
    *to reflect on our work and fulfill our learning potential
    *to value and empower our children and staff by recognizing and celebrating successes and achievements
    *to promote well-being and respect
    *to develop a culture of ambition and achievement
    *to equip our children with skills for learning, life and work, ready to actively grasp and follow their dreams in the future.
    *These aims reflect our high aspirations and our commitment to excellence. Through effective teamwork, open lines of communication and in partnership with our parents, we will work towards the realization of our vision, values, aims and mission statements.

Our Team

Rabia Godil

Rabia Godil

General Manager

Rabia Salman is an Early Childhood Education Specialist from UK University with many years of experience managing, teaching and cari ...more

Anisoara B.

Anisoara B.

English Teacher

I am a kind, caring and patient person who enjoys working with children. In my 8 years of experience working as an English Teacher ...more

Rand K.

Rand K.

French, Arabic and Islamic studies teacher

I currently teach Arabic, French and Islamic studies to our adorable and lovely kids at Peekaboo nursery. My personal values are cur ...more