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Yoga Sessions

It’s no secret that yoga is a popular activity these days.
From gyms, to
studios, to schools, the practice is becoming all the more mainstream and taking
on new and varied forms. One of the wonderful things to come out of the yoga
craze is the accessibility for children. Teaching yoga to children opens the
door to a lifelong practice that nurtures healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.
That being said, if you’re thinking of practicing yoga with your youngster or
teaching a class to children, be prepared to shake things up a bit. While many
adults turn to yoga to find peace and release tension in their bodies, children
are motivated by one overarching factor: fun. To peak their interest and keep
them engaged, it’s important to present kids with fun and exciting poses. Once
engaged, we can begin to weave in breathing and meditation exercises so that
they can also reap the wonderful benefits that yoga has to offer.

Brain Gym

Intelligence can
guarantee your child’s success, isn’t it? Well, not quite! But, intelligence
does go a long way in promoting your kid’s mental development. With a little
help, you can help hone your kid’s cognitive skills and give him a head start
over his peers.

And, Momjunction has just the thing to get him started- ‘brain gym exercises’.
Yes, you read that right. Brain gym exercises can help your little one become
the next Einstein.

Play Ball Sport

Welcome to PlayballSport and Movement Development Specialists at peekaboo

Using sport as the means, Playball provides children with a sound base from
which to develop every aspect of their lives.

aim of Playball is to introduce young children to constructive and enjoyable
sport participation through age-appropriate programs. This not only provides
them with the physical skills but also social skills which are invaluable
throughout their schooling years and later as they progress through to

Doctor’s Visit

psychological and social well-being is inevitable for optimal learning process.
Our nursery provides health services by arranging peadriatician’s visit to
ensure that all children stay healthy and happy in order to benefit fully from
their nursery.

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